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Online & Instructor Training

We've migrated our survival curriculum and instructor training courses to a hybrid training format. Learners will now be able to complete all 4 Modules of the Modern Survival curriculum online before attending a Train the Trainer course for each respective module. This process will not only allow learners to grasp course content as it would be taught in a live class but also fill in the knowledge gaps with written field-books and testing milestones that accompany each module.

Upon successful completion of each online module, learners will become eligible to attend a Train the Trainer course should they desire Instructor Qualification from the Campcraft Outdoors Field School.

The 4 Learning modules are:

  • Wilderness Skills - Now available in its entirety online

  • Basic Winter Survival - 85% available online at the moment

  • Basic Urban Survival- April 2020

  • Wilderness First Aid - May 2020

With the first Train the Trainer opportunity occurring in August.

Online Training MUST be completed for each module in its entirety to qualify to attend the next Train the Trainer course. Within the Train the Trainer we will be looking for those that demonstrate a mastery of and understanding of OUR curriculum. We're looking for TEAM players that share the values and vision of OUR school and that would like to work with us in offering Campcraft courses in their area or networking with our school for other reasons. There is no guarantee of passing the Train the Trainer portion- but those that do will receive an Instructor Diploma which must be renewed annually to remain in good standing.

This is the most economical way to continue offering solid training while providing a pathway to becoming an instructor credentialed by our school.

We hope to have DVD Bundles available later in 2020 that will include all written material. Until then, get an early start by going here:



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