Campcraft Outdoors Field School, Inc. is a non-profit wilderness safety and preparedness school that seeks to equip you spiritually, physically and practically for the unknown in austere environments. 

Our Team is comprised of passionate people that will empower you to emerge as a leader in an austere setting. Each Instructor has completed a rigorous training program and exhibits a call to teach others and help them reach their goals.  


Our MODERN SURVIVAL course is comprised of 4 Learning Modules upon completion of which Instructor Qualification may be obtained. First, the online course must be completed in its entirety, which includes the reading of the Modern Survival Field-Books which corresponds to the video content. Completion of only the online content will permit learners to earn a Certificate of Training and course decal. After the extensive video testing is completed, the learner may register for the Train-the-Trainer course for each respective module for which they should have already completed online testing.


The Train-the-Trainer class is a skills-based class where the learner will demonstrate for Campcraft Outdoors Instructors that they fully grasp the curriculum content and can teach it back. Our Instructional staff will be available to help fine-tune teaching points. While these are teach-back classes, they are physically rigorous with hiking up to 3 miles over steep terrain and strictly timed skills stations along with lectures on branding, business, and leadership. Learners may test individually for modules to receive Trainer Certification for one module or continue to complete all 4 Modules at which time the Instructor Patch shall be issued along with a beautiful 11x14 Diploma.  

The 4 Modern Survival Modules are:




"This course will enable those with dreams of operating an outdoor school or business as well as entrepreneurs from other industries to create a real business around their passions and interests. I am happy to be a Survival CEO Course graduate, Creek's mentorship has been instrumental in our ongoing success. ~ Jason Hunt

Creek Stewart Survival CEO