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In-Person Classes are listed here 

We host our online courses exclusively at where you will find a variety of training opportunities from skilled teachers. 

The Survival Basics courses are the Modern Survival skills series that follows the training guidelines of Dr. Hunt's book, The Gospel of Survival. The Modern Survival online course series encompasses our fundamentals curriculum and has been endorsed by the

National Home School Association. The courses within the Survival Basics section can lead to Instructor Certification.


Online Survival Instructor Certification
Online Survival Certification
Bushcraft First Aid Course
Bushcraft First Aid
Winter Survival Skills Course
Winter Survival Skills
Online Urban Survival Course
Urban Survival Skills

Online Outdoor Skills

Campcraft Outdoors Instructors have created a variety of instructional courses that range from crafting and trapping to fitness and backpacking. Our instructors stay busy, so check here often to learn about new course opportunities. 

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