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Please contact us with booking and event questions, questions about our classes or to discuss our handcrafted products.

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The Campcraft Outdoors Shop is not open to the public.

Local pick-up may not be available outside of the scheduled events listed on the class schedule. 

Phone orders are charged an additional 10% processing fee

(6% Sales Tax, 4% Manual Card Processing Fee)

Call or Text: 502-667-3768


Q: What weight of canvas are your hand-waxed products?

A: The raw fabric, before waxing, is 10-11oz, which results in a 12-13oz fabric once our process is finished.

Q: What color are your products? I see Green and Brown available, but no color options.

A: ALL of our hand-waxed products begin as khaki. Due to the fabric dye lots between our fabric suppliers, some fabrics accept our wax differently, making some more green or tan. The only material that is brown (field tan) is the oilcloth. We occasionally get limited green or black oilcloth supplies but generally do not offer any other color options.

Q: Why do you not double-stitch your products or include an X pattern on straps?

A: There is no need to, thanks to our premium thread quality, UV and rot-resistant. Since we began business, we have never had a bag fail due to stitching quality; the fabric tears before the stitching! Aesthetic choices or cheap thread are what require double stitching. We do not make X patterns primarily due to our thread strength but also because it gives a more rustic and traditional appearance that is unique to us. 

Q: I have seen a video showing tearing around a strap. Is this a stitch concern?

No. The stitching is not the issue; the fabric has failed. Despite our efforts to use quality materials, not all fabrics are created equally. We have products in their seventh or eighth year of hard use showing minor wear, and we have seen products with weave separation (tearing) after only a few months of use. We don't make the fabric, so we can't do anything about it other than repair or replace the product when this happens. Let us know, and we'll take care of it! 

Q: Do you make custom products?

A: If a brand/company requests 50+ of a product, we will sometimes accommodate said collaborations depending on our production schedule. We will make minor alterations to existing products upon request if we have the production time available.  

Q: How often do your products need to be retreated?

A: With regular use, once every two years would be sufficient, but only if you are experiencing some water permeability or have accidentally washed your product. We have many products in our kits in years 5+ that have never been retreated and still function perfectly. 

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