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Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the commandments, happy is he. ~ Proverbs 29:18

Campcraft Outdoors is a family-owned and operated softgoods brand that hand-crafts products that are traditional to the golden age of camping and woodcraft. Our products are proudly made in Bethlehem, Kentucky USA by our very own family. Our customer values the unique identity, tradition, and appearance of our work. From the wilderness trail to the urban sidewalk, Campcraft Outdoors creates items that will become an everyday companion to whatever their journey entails. We specialize in products for the common man.

Our Brief History

In 2009 with a big vision and less than $50 in the bank, Campcraft Outdoors began its operation by offering outdoor classes to the public. Increasing in size annually, we continued to press into the vision God placed before us- to make disciples for Jesus through teaching biblically focused outdoor skills. We added classes in wilderness first aid in 2012 and while making videos for the Youtube Channel PathfinderTV in 2014, Jason stumbled upon his love for creating outdoor bags and gear. By 2015, Jason taught himself how to sew, albeit poorly, and he started making a variety of tinder bags and the first version of the ax and saw slings that we offer. By January of 2016, we extended our business by beginning to manufacture our own line of handcrafted waxed canvas bags, all in house.

Original Ax Sling
Campcraft Outdoors Axe Sling
Campcraft Logo 2016

2016 Product Logo

Jan. 2016: The Original Axe & Saw Sling v1.0

Jan. 2016: Axe & Saw Sling v2.0- 1st Production Run

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By May of 2016, Dave Canterbury, whom Jason worked with at the time, gave our products a shot in his store, Self-Reliance Outfitters. The products were a quick hit with customers that were looking for a common man alternative to the high priced waxed canvas softgoods on the market. Our products being made in a traditional manner, while being lighter in weight due to the lack of heavy leather and rivets, became a favorite of bushcrafters and traditional campers. 

Campcraft Outdoors at Self Reliance Outfitters

SRO Product Display July 2016

Campcraft Rucksack with Dave Canterbury

Mr. Canterbury was a huge help in R & D

of our early products. 

Thankfully, Robyn took over sewing operations shortly after we began selling to stores. Her ability to analyze production issues and correct them quickly enabled our humble business to grow to keep up with the demands of our growing customer base. When Jason left The Pathfinder School in November of 2017, we opted to offer our products on Amazon and develop our own distributors, which was met with great success. This added exposure lead to our products being used in television programs on CBS, Discovery Channel, and History Channel with regular exposure in magazines such as Survivor's Edge, Backwoods Survival Guide, Prepper Survival Guide, and more recently Knives Illustrated. Not to mention our international distributors in Germany and Japan who service other parts of the globe for us. All this while still offering outdoor classes through our field school.

Currently, we're still fully independent, doing it all ourselves with American-made products! We source our canvas from famous mills in Kentucky and Georgia, our hardware and waxes from Ohio, and our threads from New York. Our knives are made in Indiana. We still hand-wax each product which makes it not only a superior waxed product but one that's completely non-toxic which is something most other companies cannot claim. Thank you for your interest in what we do and your continued support. May God bless you and yours as he has blessed us so abundantly.   

Campcraft Outdoors Logo 2009
Campcraft Outdoors Logo 2020
Campcraft Outdoors Logo
Campcraft Outdoors | Hunt Family

L to R: Daniel, Sydnee, Jason, Robyn, Ethan, Lindsay

Dr. Jason Hunt, CEO and Founder

Jason has been a life-long student of the outdoors. Since early childhood, he has spent countless hours venturing, exploring the woods, hunting, fishing, and camping with his family. Jason is the founder and chief instructor of Campcraft Outdoors. He and his staff train others to encounter spiritual growth through outdoor skills training.


Jason is an avid writer, appearing regularly in Survivor's Edge Magazine, Backwoods Survival Guide, and Prepper's Survival Guide. He is also a published author, having written The Gospel of Survival, Hiking the Narrow Path, Reasons for the Seasons, and coauthored Bushcraft First Aid, along with numerous textbook contributions used in schools of ministry around the worldJason specializes in modern survival, wilderness, and austere medicine with credentials from The Pathfinder School, Randall's Adventure & Training, NASAR, ASHI, KY Emergency Management, Wilderness Medical Society, and Med-Tact School of Tactical Medicine. He holds black belts in Jujitsu, Kenpo Karate, Hapkido, and Krav Maga and trains in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. As an ordained minister, his over twenty-year career has led him to specialize in outdoor ministry to present survival skills and training through the Biblical Festivals. Jason's degrees are in church ministry, theology, and outdoor ministry leadership. 

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