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An 80/20 approach to Wilderness Survival

Maybe you're familiar with the 80/20 principle. If not, here's a refresher: 80% of all our problems come from just 20% of causes. You learn 80% of any topic in about 20% of the time you study. You spend 80% of your time with less than 20% of your friends. Once you understand this universal principle, you'll start seeing it everywhere.

It's the same in survival. Sure, you can go to an outdoor school a couple of states away, invest thousands of dollars into your gear, travel expenses, and class fees, and then plan on spending the next several years or so attending these classes. Or you can take a shortcut: learn the 20% of survival knowledge that will help you in 80% of the situations.


And this is exactly what the Modern Survival: Basic Winter Survival curriculum is all about: a "woodsman's shortcut" to developing life-saving skills for crisis and emergency situations.

Online Winter Survival Skills Course
Jason Hunt, Campcraft Outdoors

My name is Jason Hunt. I am a Survival Skills Instructor. I help individuals and families learn the essential survival skills they need for emergencies using my Modern Survival Online Course. It is an online video training course that helps people that are getting started in wilderness survival and camping to learn the essential skills they will need to survive harsh conditions for up to a month. We do this through a series of step by step teaching videos and field-books so everyone can learn to enjoy the wilderness and be better prepared wherever they may find themselves when disaster strikes.

Weather Forecasting

Here's a sample of what you'll learn in this course

Winter Survival Tips

"Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get." ~Mark Twain

Understanding weather patterns for your region, wind chill, and how it affects the body, and cloud types will equip you to make on-the-fly survival decisions while enduring harsh winter conditions.


I will teach you the basics so you will know when to speed up, slow down, move camp or hunker down just by observing your natural surroundings.  

Winter Food Considerations

I want to show you how to pack enough food for two people for a weekend trip or one person for up to a week in only six food tins! This system is a great one and really eliminates all the worry of what or how much to pack. You can supplement staples with your own mixes and ingredients to come up with something truly amazing. 

Best of all, this is all whole foods. No back-packer style meals or MRE's here!

Winter Survival Gear

Essential Axemanship 

Winter Survival Kit
Winter Survival Skills Activities

"Knicks and dull edges are abominations, so use knives and hatchets for nothing but they were made for.” 

~ Horace Kephart

Felling a tree with an axe is one of the oldest but most useful survival techniques. One that can help you immensely in a winter survival scenario. And if you are a beginner, it will help you hone your technique wielding the axe.


We will process a tree from top to bottom creating tinder, kindling, and fuel from it in addition to a fire lay that will provide all-night comfort during the chilly winter nights. Axe Safety, nomenclature, climbing, splitting, and bucking will all be discussed. We will even learn to depend on our axe to start our fires!

Water Immersion Exercise

There's nothing more dangerous in the winter months than falling into a body of water only having your wits and will to bring you back from the brink of severe hypothermia. I will show you the minimum needs for a waterproof winter fire kit and I will demonstrate how to recover from a full water immersion in the middle of a Kentucky winter.  

This exercise will better prepare you to endure should the worst occur during your winter outings. 

Extreme Winter Survival

Axe Fire-Starting Methods 

How to survive a night in cold weather

Learning to wield the axe for all your survival needs is the hallmark of a great woodsman. I will show you how to finely process wood for fires and how to take a single stick and turn it into a roaring fire. We will also train you for cold-induced stress and challenge your survival-mindset with timed fire exercises that include cold and wet elements. 

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is to you."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Winter Super Shelter


Winter Shelter Construction

The amount of insulation you use in your shelter is directly related to how long you can remain in it in extreme conditions. I will show you not only how to properly insulate your winter shelters but make them a small paradise in a winter wasteland. I will also guide you in creating a packable winter survival shelter you can always carry with you using material already in your winter survival kit. We will also look at how natural shelters you build off the landscape can be used to great effect in wet and snowy conditions.  

Best winter survival shelter

All this and MORE!

Jason Hunt, Campcraft Outdoors

I have been teaching this content in various forms to hundreds of students over the past decade, and in my survival classes, we have always charged at least $300 for this content. This, of course, does not take into consideration the travel costs to my school, the required equipment for the class or food you will need for the long weekend, not to mention the day off work for travel!


 Most students spend an average of $650 just to take this and similar classes at schools across the country! This is now all available online, taught the same way as in my live-classes but now with the added content contained within my Modern Survival Field-Books which fill in the knowledge gaps and truly allow you to learn my curriculum the way it was meant to be learned.

I want you to learn this content so you and your loved ones

will be prepared for emergencies!





Creek Stewart Winter Survival

I really hope you’ll make the right choice here and add the BEST online survival program available to your skills set today so you can ensure a better tomorrow. 

There’s never been a better time in our history to do it. 

BONUS #1- I have already included instructions on how to work your way toward becoming a Certified Survival Instructor. You will learn about our other online course programs that will best prepare you to share these skills with others! You will learn about our Bushcraft Hygiene & First Aid, Wilderness Survival, and Urban Survival Skills online courses.


BONUS #2- I have given you a huge discount on the on-site Train-the-Trainer course and I included ALL the gear and ALL the food you'll need while here! All you need to do is pay the highly discounted rate and show up- details are included in your enrollment packet. You will receive an awesome looking Diploma and patch as a Skills Trainer for each discipline you decide to complete the Train-the-Trainer course in. 

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