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The Right Bushcraft Gear on a Budget

When one begins their journey into the study of survival, bushcraft, or long-term self-reliance, they tend to try to get off as cheaply as possible when it comes to obtaining quality gear. While this is understandable at the offset, thinking of the uncertainty of another hobby being a lasting one- where you look at the treadmill serving as an extension of your closet- it's a short-lived thought process once you get in some serious dirt time. Upon further reading, study, and training, you soon learn that cheap gear is simply cheap. It's nothing you would want to bet your life on or expect to use long-term in an extended off-grid scenario. With so many voices in the world telling you what's “the best,” it leads to a lot of confusion that typically ends up with many bad purchases as you strive to find what works for you. Allow me to share my experience that will help you get the right bushcraft gear for your budget by focusing on a few pieces of gear that will hopefully save you some headaches and prove to be invaluable pieces of kit for you over the long term.

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