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The Pathway to being Biblically Prepared

Does the Bible actually talk about a plan to be prepared for tough times? Should a sudden disaster or weather emergency take place, what should you grab as you flee the area? Most individuals don’t believe these two questions are related, but survival expert and pastor, Jason Hunt says that the Bible is designed as a manual for survival, self-reliance, and long-term living.

In The Gospel of Survival (BP Media, 2021), Hunt reveals God’s plan of preparedness to readers as he walks through every step of survival preparation.

The author’s years of experience and training will equip you to train your family and friends in a variety of practical survival skills from wilderness and winter survival to home preparedness and urban survival strategies. You’ll also learn about God’s survival training calendar, essential pantry-based medicinals, how to train children and adults in survival, and so much more. Packed with practical biblical examples, the good news of preparedness has been revealed. The Gospel of Survival provides the lifesaving information you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safer in the days ahead.

DR. JASON HUNT is the owner and founding Instructor of Campcraft Outdoors, a soft-goods manufacturing and preparedness company located in Kentucky. His survival and outdoor knowledge are backed by thousands of man-hours in the field. Jason is a frequent contributor to Survivor’s Edge Magazine, Backwoods Survival Guide, and Prepper’s Survival Guide. His degrees are in church ministry, practical theology, and outdoor ministry leadership. He’s the author of Reasons for the Seasons, Walking the Narrow Path, and co-author of the best-selling Bushcraft First Aid.

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Contact Person: Jason Hunt

Country: United States

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A great book. Full of great information. A must read in my library.

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