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Tactical Homestead Responder

If you're reading this, you likely live in a home, an apartment, or another stable dwelling. For all intents and purposes, these dwellings represent our homestead. The places that we create, rest, raise our families, and at times, garden and farm to various degrees. We all have an innate desire to protect our domiciles, our families, and our belongings. That's where the Tactical Homestead Responder comes into play- it's an individual that has adequate firearms training, first aid training, and tactical protection skills that will serve as the family lead in securing and protecting those on the homestead and providing emergency medical care.

After training thousands of students at our classes over the past twelve years, the desire for this type, of training course, was very apparent. We were reluctant to cross into tactical training again because it's where we started! But, as with everything we do, God had a plan and made a way. We started Campcraft TactX in early 2021 and have been quietly developing a host of courses all designed around Family Preparedness.

My family and instructors have been fine-tuning programs all year to make sure what we offer is the best version of what we're capable of. We're offering our Tactical Homestead Responder course at three levels of Certification with each level building upon skills of the previous. If you seriously want medical training for tactical environments that includes austere medicine and self-defense- this is the course series for you!

THR-Basic: This is the premier tactical responder course for civilians with a strong desire to respond to threats and emergencies in and around their homes. Home vulnerability assessment, developing a site security plan, static range training with a rifle, shotgun, and pistol, solo CQB, unarmed self-defense, and stop the bleed are all part of this intensive 24 clock-hour training course.

THR-Intermediate: Learners holding the THR-B qualification may attend this course that will greatly expand upon the homestead-based training to neighborhood-based training. Grey-man, elicitation exercises, OPSEC, intervention escapes, advanced firearms mobility and team movement, man tracking, austere medical training, and unarmed defense qualification are all included in this intensive 40 clock-hour course.

Hi-Risk Tactical Responder: Returning learners with the THR-I qualification will now learn Combat Life-Saver/ TECC, team movement, and clearing, moving and shooting around vehicles, force on force tactics, targeted man tracking, breaching, and lock bypassing concepts along with advanced self-defense that includes protection detail protocols which are all part of this 70 clock-hour training course.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming BLACK FRIDAY Release for early course enrollment. Sign up for our newsletter on the home page!

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