An 80/20 approach to Urban Survival

Maybe you're familiar with the 80/20 principle. If not, here's a refresher: 80% of all our problems come from just 20% of causes. You learn 80% of any topic in about 20% of the time you study. You spend 80% of your time with less than 20% of your friends. Once you understand this universal principle, you'll start seeing it everywhere.

It's the same in survival. Sure, you can go to an outdoor school a couple of states away, invest thousands of dollars into your gear, travel expenses, and class fees, and then plan on spending the next several years or so attending these classes. Or you can take a shortcut: learn the 20% of survival knowledge that will help you in 80% of the situations.


And this is exactly what the Modern Survival: Urban Survival curriculum is all about: a "woodsman's shortcut" to developing life-saving skills for crisis and emergency situations.

My name is Jason Hunt. I am a Survival Skills Instructor. I help individuals and families learn the essential survival skills they need for emergencies using my Modern Survival Online Course. It is an online video training course that helps people that are getting started in wilderness survival and camping to learn the essential skills they will need to survive harsh conditions for up to a month. We do this through a series of step by step teaching videos and field-books so everyone can learn to enjoy the wilderness and be better prepared wherever they may find themselves when disaster strikes.

Urban Kits and Pack Systems

Here's a sample of what you'll learn in this course

"There are no guarantees in life, after any major disaster two separate and distinct groups will emerge – the Prepared and the Unprepared. It’s up to you which group you’ll belong to.”                          

~Richard Duarte


I will show you what you MUST have in an Urban Survival Kit and where to stow kits and how to layer them so you have as many options as possible should the worst happen unexpectedly.


You will also learn how to first bug-in so that you may later plan to bug-out. We'll also discuss travel and how packing certain ways affect the body and can have an effect on how you navigate, how you fight, and how long you can remain on foot. Knowing how to pack, why to pack it, and then how to move it will aid you in creating a solid survival plan that will apply anywhere!

Personal Escape Kits

I will show you how to create a personal escape kit that can be worn or carried daily to be used against illegal detainment by those that seek to harm you. You will learn how to defeat various types of restraints, escape hand-cuffs, bypass locks with and without assistance, and more...

We will also discuss methods of escape and evasions and when, where, and how to employ these types of techniques. 

Creating Caches

Having a hidden cache means having additional supplies for support while on the go. I will teach you how to create viable caches and make them weatherproof and give you an idea of where to store them for future deployment. 

We will also discuss types of caches and what equipment items you might consider placing in them.

Urban Fire Hacks

Fire is not only a primo morale booster, but a great way to signal, cook, and purify water. Fire in the urban environment, however, sticks out like a sore thumb. I will show you methods of concealing fire, carrying fire with you, and making lanterns, candles, and torches.  We will also discuss improvised tin can stoves of various types.

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Survival Self-Defense

I will show you how to fight! Basic self-defense is a vital component of urban survival and I will show you how to overcome the majority of common attacks as well as how to use a knife and stick to protect yourself. 

With over 35 years of experience in various martial arts, I am uniquely qualified to share with you the skills I have taught to civilian, state, and federal agencies the past two decades. 


You will learn to create a variety of tools from typical urban resources ranging from gas masks and cordage to distraction devices, traps, weapons, and shelters.

You will never be without a tool after learning these craft skills that are all designed to be done on the move with minimal tools.

All this and MORE!

I have been teaching this content in various forms to hundreds of students over the past decade, and in my survival classes, we have always charged at least $300 for this content. This, of course, does not take into consideration the travel costs to my school, the required equipment for the class or food you will need for the long weekend, not to mention the day off work for travel!


 Most students spend an average of $650 just to take this and similar classes at schools across the country! This is now all available online, taught the same way as in my live-classes but now with the added content contained within my Modern Survival Field-Books which fill in the knowledge gaps and truly allow you to learn my curriculum the way it was meant to be learned.

I want you to learn this content so you and your loved ones

will be prepared for emergencies!


MODERN SURVIVAL: Urban Survival Online Course

I really hope you’ll make the right choice here and add the BEST online survival program available to your skills set today so you can ensure a better tomorrow. 

There’s never been a better time in our history to do it. 

BONUS #1- I have already included instructions on how to work your way toward becoming a Certified Survival Instructor. You will learn about our other online course programs that will best prepare you to share these skills with others! You will learn about our Bushcraft Hygiene & First Aid, Wilderness Survival, and Urban Survival Skills online courses.

BONUS #2- I have given you a huge discount on the on-site Train-the-Trainer course and I included ALL the gear and ALL the food you'll need while here! All you need to do is pay the highly discounted rate and show up- details are included in your enrollment packet. You will receive an awesome looking Diploma and patch as a Skills Trainer for each discipline you decide to complete the Train-the-Trainer course in. 

BONUS #3- I am including an Israeli Pistol course in your Urban Survival Train-the-Trainer course at no additional fee!

BONUS #4 - I am offering you an Urban Recovery Kit, designed very similar to the one we created for a federal agency at a discounted rate. This kit was uniquely designed with urban survival in mind.