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You have just found the BEST ONLINE Survival & Bushcraft Courses on the internet!
(Recommended by Men's Journal)
This curriculum is a "woodsman's shortcut" to developing life-saving skills 

Jason Hunt, Campcraft Outdoors

My name is Dr. Jason Hunt. I am a Survival Instructor and Outdoor Minister. Using my Survival Instructor Training Program, I help individuals and families learn the essential survival skills they need for emergencies. How do I help my family and friends prepare to endure hard times? Does the Bible provide examples of survival skills and preparedness? How do I teach others survival and bushcraft skills?  These questions and more are answered in the Gospel of Survival book and my online classes.

The Pathway to Survival and Preparedness

The Gospel of Survival books educates you about God's plan to be prepared for tough times. The author's years of experience and training will equip you to train your family and friends in various practical survival skills, from wilderness and winter survival to home preparedness and urban survival strategies. You'll also learn about the annual survival training calendar, essential pantry-based medicinals, how to train children and adults in survival and much more. Packed with practical examples, the good news of preparedness has been revealed. The Gospel of Survival book and this online course series provides the lifesaving information you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safer in the days ahead.

The Plan for Self-Reliance

Here's a sample of what you'll learn in this book & course series

"The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them."

~ Genesis 3:21 NIV

The word for 'made' in the above passage may seem simple enough to comprehend- but in the Hebrew language, it is the word "asah" that adds more depth to the meaning of what actually happened. Asah means to toil with and fully transmit an idea. See, when God 'made' for them clothing, the idea was fully transmitted to them, no doubt by way of example, as we know, they left the Garden in clothing made of skins and could not return.

Thus, the processes of animal identification, harvest, butchery, cooking, hide tanning, sewing, stone, and bone tool-making were all fully transmitted as these things were all necessary to make clothing and use the entirety of the animal. So we gather that the first thing God did after the expulsion of man from paradise was to teach them to survive apart from His presence. The good news, or the gospel of survival, is that God planned for us to learn these skills. 

Hide Tanning, Primitive Survival

Annual Cycles of Preparedness

Online Home Preparedness Course

Remember, it wasn't raining when Noah was building the Ark. He was preparing for an event that was to come. 

A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

~Proverbs 27:12


I will tell you how to prepare up to a one-year food supply for only $5- $7 weekly. I will also reveal to you the annual cycles of training, a preparedness plan laid out in the Bible so you can get in sync with the heavenly storehouse.

Everyday Carry - EDC

What to pack and how to carry it is vital to the modern survivalist. I will teach you the various ways, based on my decades of experience, that actually work. I will also show you how God laid out an E.D.C. Kit in the Bible. I will share this and several other kits designed to train you for Everyday situations, survival scenarios, bug-outs, and more.

This will further solidify in your mind how important it is to our God that we plan to live and survive as the early, first-century church did- as one enduring tribulation and persecution.

EDC Kit, Survival Gear, Bushcraft Gear

Skills Curriculum

Council Tool Axe, Bushcraft Gear
Wilderness First Aid, Bushcraft 101, Bushcraft First Aid

I will also train you in the fundamentals of Modern Survival so you can prepare your loved ones! I will demonstrate how the cycles of preparedness provide training seasons we can take part in; then, we will learn four primary skills disciplines related to Wilderness Survival, Winter Survival, Urban Survival, and Bushcraft First Aid. 

I also share tips on how to train children in outdoor skills and how to train and lead adult learners. My training course has even been endorsed by the National Home School Association, Men's Journal, and the National Bible College Association. So you will be armed with all you need to begin implementing this training at home. 

I want you to take advantage of my twenty-plus years of teaching outdoor skills and use it to equip your family, friends, and church with the good news of survival. 

Teach Others

I'll show you how to use your passion for the outdoors to reach others with the true Gospel of the Kingdom, start an outdoor ministry, build a youth group, or start your own Bushcraft School in your area. 

As a leader in the survival industry, I have taught some of the most influential personalities you find on the internet, and with this program, I will share the same skills I shared with them to help them build their outdoor businesses. 

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Art of the Bug In - Pathfinder SAR - Field Reports - Packouts

All this and MORE!

Jason Hunt, Campcraft Outdoors

My team and I have removed the obstacles for you to learn all the skills and information needed to thrive by filming all the skills content on video so you can see exactly how to do each skill step-by-step and how you should teach it to your friends and family. 

You can order the book alone or take full advantage of my survival training plan and become an instructor from home and get access to all four of the Modern Survival training courses that cover Wilderness Survival, Winter Survival, Bushcraft Hygiene & First Aid, and Urban Survival- and I've included some bonus content to help you prepare physically for tough times ahead.  

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