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This canvas pouch serves as a Pre-Filter for your Grayl purification system. This simple canvas bag allows you to increase the longevity of your Grayl filter by first ridding your water source of turbidity (scum, leaves, debris). Simply use your nesting cup to pour water through the canvas, catch the water in your Grayl container, and press per usual. You will be surprised at how much sediment and debris the canvas arrests before allowing water through the Grayl filter. 


Paracord loop on the side allows this bag to be hung or carried by attaching a carabiner. 


THREE sizes available:

  • GEOPRESS Filter
  • PATHFINDER Cup Filter


This will maximize the longevity of your Grayl system. Hand wash with light soap before use and hang dry. While in the field, rinse and allow to dry in direct sunlight.  

Water Bottle Canvas Pre-filter | Grayl Filters

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