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Designed by master woodsman and world-renowned designer James Gibson, this knife, exclusively available through Campcraft Outdoors, is reminiscent of the bygone era of outdoorsmen and the tools they carried. From the golden age of camping and woodcraft, outdoors enthusiasts carried a belt knife capable of performing outdoor work- ranging from skinning their game and cleaning their fish to carving sticks and cutting bailing twine.


This knife lends itself well to classical uses. It is beefed up for modern bushcraft enthusiasts with 1/8" thick 1084 carbon steel that tapers to the tip to permit finer skinning and carving. The bellied blade is 4.5" long, and the entire knife is 9" overall. It also features a 90-degree square spine.  


The handle material is brown burlap micarta, and the leather sheath features a traditional carry loop and deep well for maximum retention while afield. 

JG Woodsman Knife

Expect shipment within 90 days of ordering.
  • 1084 Carbon Steel

    4.5" Blade Length

    9" Overall Length

    Features the Gibson & Campcraft Logos

    Burlap Micarta Handle

    Leather Sheath

    Imported, built OEM for Campcraft Outdoors

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