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The INDY Bag is 13" Wide x 12" Tall (on average) with a 3" Gusset. It has a dog-ear flap with brass snaps reminiscent of the bag used by the famous archaeologist and adventurer. An internal divider with water bottle pockets, a snap retainer, and a carabiner make this bag the ultimate haversack that will keep contents inside easily, so long as you don't overfill it.  


The flat-bottom Indy Pouch enables you to set it near your work area without it lying around to be kicked about camp. Whether you're carving, doing fire prep, or garnishing your camp meal with foraged goods, this pouch will be super handy to have with you. It has a 3" x 5" Flat bottom that flares out to 7" wide at the center and 5.5" Tall.


The drop belt loop allows it to ride below the belt, making it easier to access and helping to eliminate excessive fold-over at the flap. This means you can add more to the pouch without it balling up on your belt line. There are no dividers. It's an open pouch for whatever you carry—brass on the range, fire gear as shown, or your favorite ninja stars or Little Debbies.

Indy Bag & Pouch

  • The Standard fabric is our 12oz khaki-colored hand-waxed canvas. Due to fabric dye lots, it appears either more tan or green after our waxing process. We show the color variance in the photos- rest assured, you will receive a color-matched set! 

    The Heavy fabric is an 18oz field tan waxed canvas. We do not offer any additional color options. 

  • We get questions about stitching because we do not do it like others. So, before complaining or making a YouTube video over a "potential issue," get educated here: 

    Double Stitching:

    We do not use double stitching because we do not use cheap thread. Our thread is UV and Rot/water-resistant and has a 10lb per stitch tensile strength (on average). So a single side of a strap can hold hundreds of pounds, but the fabric cannot. When you see double-stitched pieces, it's because it looks better for a specific item or because it's cheap thread and they needed two rows. Our stitching rarely, if ever, fails- but the fabric can and does; see below. 

    Box Stitches on Straps: 

    We do not put an X in our box stitches. Mainly for the reasons above, it's not needed. But, we also want the more traditional, old-style stitch pattern like you'd find on bags from the golden age of camping and woodcraft (that's our thing). 


    While we source our fabric from the best mills in America, there are variances between every roll we use and between mills. We only buy 10.1- 11.1oz Khaki color fabric from our mills, which, after waxing gives us a waxed canvas of 12oz+ on average. But, due to the dye they use in the mills, one roll of material may look Tan after we wax it, while the next roll looks Green. This anomaly is beyond our control because we do not make the fabric; we only wax it. So, the colors may differ if you catch a product run during a switch between rolls. 

    Fabric durability also varies. We have products in their 7th or 8th year of use with minimal wear, while others show weave separation (tearing) after only a handful of months of regular use. Despite our best efforts to monitor it, not all fabric is woven equally. Often misidentified as a stitching issue, the material is actually failing, often around high-stress areas such as on a strap. If your Campcraft bag starts to fail, just let us know so we can repair or replace it. We're happy to do so! 

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