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Designed by Jason Hunt in 2010, the Colonel is the knife that survival classes at Campcraft Outdoors were built upon. This latest version of the Colonel is hand-forged. It is available as a forged appearance with a traditional forge-stamped logo and brown burlap micarta handle or as a highly polished blade with a laser-etched logo and green/brown burlap micarta handle.


Blades are coated in food-grade wax to provide ultimate protection during shipping. Handle with care because blades are VERY sharp. Wash with soap and hot water, and the coating comes off hassle-free. 

CM6 Colonel

    • 1084 high carbon steel, 1/8" thick
    • 6" blade length, 1 7/8" wide, 11.5" Overall Length
    • Brown Leather Sheath (Right Hand Only)
    • Burlap micarta handle
    • Imported, built OEM for Campcraft Outdoors
  • The Common Man knife series is designed as a budget tool option. Do not expect perfection, but expect very good. Because each knife is handmade, you should expect subtle differences and imperfections in knives. Grind lines and handle fit may show slight differences. While every effort has been taken to provide a quality product, issues will inevitably be found.


    If a handle comes off or the steel breaks, let us know, and we'll give you a replacement once you return the damaged knife to us at your expense.


    This policy does not cover "testing," abuse, or negligence. This policy does not cover chips, deflections, or rolls to the knife edge which are bound to occur under regular use.   

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