This is a one-stop-shop fire kit that includes all the essentials. Just add a lighter and you're all set! Our fire kit bags needs to be multi-use. So, we made ours with a flat bottom that can be used to carry nearly anything. It has a drawstring and cord lock and is waterproofed with our hand-crafted wax canvas. 



  • Aspen-bark tinder bundle
  • Magnification card (fresnel lens)
  • 5" x 1/2" Ferro Rod with lanyard
  • Slow match with jute insert (hand-made)
  • Fatwood x 4
  • Waxed Hemp rope (hand-made)
  • Tin of Fire Starters x 6 (hand-made)
  • Reel Striker with a piece of obsidian
  • Char-Tin and some terry-cloth char material  
  • All in the waxed canvas fire-kit bag

Campcraft Fire Kit