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The Boreal Bucksaw Bag is the epitome of rugged utility for outdoor enthusiasts. This bag is meticulously crafted from hand-waxed canvas and boasts timeless durability and a classic aesthetic. Secured with a reliable brass snap, it opens to reveal a spacious interior designed specifically for the Boreal 21 and Boreal 24 Takedown Bucksaw models and similar tools. The innovative paracord loops along the sides provide endless possibilities, allowing users to tie, clip, or bind the bag to anything they desire. With the Boreal Bucksaw Bag, you're not just carrying a tool but a piece of essential gear designed for the untamed wilderness.

Boreal Bucksaw Bag

  • Boreal Bucksaw 21:  3" Opening, 4.5" Width x 23" Length

    Boreal Bucksaw 24: 3.125" Opening, 4.5" Width x 26" Length

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