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Hand-crafted waxed canvas bags for 1QT, 2 QT, and 4QT cook pots.  Excellent when used for foraging berries, medicinal plants, and mushrooms. Features a web handle strap that can be carried or secured to your belt or the outside of your pack by toggle or carabiner—features shock cord drawstring with cord lock. 


24oz: 7" tall x 5" wide (Fits Stanley Cookset, 750ml Cup Kits)

1 QT: (Fits ThunderCrow, Pathfinder, and Ozark Trail) 

2 QT: 9" tall x 6.5" wide (Fits Pathfinder, Mors Pot, Ozark Trail, and 12cm Zebra)

4 QT: 11" tall x 9" wide (Fits Pathfinder and other kits)


Fits most 2qt pots such as the Pathfinder Bushpot (2qt), Mors Pot (shown) and 12cm & 14cm Zebra Pot

Bushpot/ Cookset bags

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