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Vehicle Emergency Survival Kits

Vehicle emergency survival kits have long been a foundational part of preparedness training. Depending on the training you have or lean towards, be it more tactical or wilderness minded, will largely dictate the type of kit you build and the types of emergency scenarios you plan to circumvent. I have seen kits take up the back of a Suburban that include chainsaws and welding tools to the old standard pocket survival kit. I would imagine many of you fall somewhere between these two extremes. In my professional experience spanning over two decades in rescue and wilderness survival, I, too, have created a variety of kits to fit my personal needs over the years, most of which included a blend of essential tactical and wilderness elements with practical things in mind such as my vehicle simply breaking down, or me being stranded a day or two. In my kits, I have always included essential tools in a cross-body style bag or haversack that included multiple ways to hydrate, manage my body's core temperature, signal for rescue, and eat.

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