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The Gospel of Survival

Finally! After two years of working, my latest book is complete. This book is absolutely the first of its kind and I hope it will spark creativity in the hearts of others called to similar work. The Gospel of Survival is the culmination of twenty years of outdoor ministry experience and provides my framework for leading and teaching others the fundamentals of survival.

I share a little about My Story, how I grew up, was called to ministry and ultimately came into being a minister and survival instructor. Like most people I know, we grew up poor but had a good bit of fun doing it, despite hardships endured by the family. Growing up in the 80's we practically lived outside and every weekend was prime-time for the neighbor kids to get together to play "Army" where we'd free climb the local rock quarries, capture and torture each other or just get into some mischief.

That's me on the far left with my sister next to me before the weekend adventure

I also share some important end-times considerations related to being prepared for the coming of Christ instead of waiting on an escape from persecution and trouble. I delve into the history, original language, and practical application of the Bible to reveal God's plan of preparedness. This plan extended throughout the Biblical text and was highlighted in three annual rehearsals called "Moedim" in Hebrew. The three days are unique as each has a special significance to survival training- Preparedness & Survival, Self-Reliance, and Wilderness Living.

Biblical teaching without application leaves us apathetic. By realizing God has a plan of this magnitude we must immediately see how it can be applied to our lives and for what purpose. So, we spend a lot of time showing you how to do survival and self-reliance skills. As a matter of fact, we included the entirety of our basic curricula for our fundamental courses. This is so you can learn the how's and why's of skills and theory for wilderness, urban, first aid, and winter skills, once again, all backed with biblical examples.

Beyond this, equipping readers with information on Search & Rescue tactics, Woodland Hygiene, and most importantly how to share all these skills with your family and friends in a meaningful way are all covered.

Training our children in this way of life is an important step in preparing them for the way they should go as they grow older. I also wanted to share with you some meager nuggets of insight as to how to study the Bible from an experimental archaeologist's point of view.

Talking Biblical Archaeology with James Gibson

If you can glean from the process my mentors and I have used to extrapolate skills and information from the Biblical text, it will revive your own spiritual life and insights while providing you the fuel you need to pick up this awesome work of sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom... The Gospel of Survival.

The Book is available nation-wide on April 2nd, 2021, and will be available on Amazon and may be found wherever books are sold.

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