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Tactical Survival?

When I originally founded Campcraft Outdoors in 2009 (then known as Hunt Survival, Inc.) I started my first classes with wilderness survival, firearms, and self-defense all in the same class. Classes were long and physically difficult on all involved. I streamlined quickly and by 2011 was primarily teaching these topics independently. Thereafter of course, due to my work with other schools in the region, I pretty much stuck with wilderness skills.

Well, the wheel has finally come full circle. We've launched Campcraft TactX which will be a tactical based survival training provider offering it's own unique skills based courses apart from our standard wilderness and urban survival classes we've enjoyed at Campcraft Outdoors the past decade.

We have been developing this concept the past two years and decided it was now or never. We offer a radically unique Tactical Homestead Responder course series that's truly designed for civilians and first responders at all levels that want to be the most capable first-line of defense and response in emergencies in and around the home. We take a crawl, walk, run approach to each level of training making certain that learners will be able to apply what they learn when they leave. These courses include tactical medicine, firearms, self-defense, and so much more.

We're also very excited to roll out our self-defense programs once more. This has been an itch I couldn't scratch for the past decade. With over 35 years of varied martial arts experience, I've always had a passion and desire to share skills through the various methods I've come to learn. Now I have help! Professor Tony Spencer has come on as our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. Tony is a BJJ black belt and highly skilled teacher. With his help, this has allowed me to focus on Krav Maga/ Israeli Combatives and Kenpo Karate- so we have something for everyone.

Yep, that's Instructor Greg and he and Jamie Boggs will be leading a variety of firearms classes as well. We're really looking forward to a full launch in 2022 with these exciting opportunities to better prepare those we're blessed to meet. Until then, we're hosting weekly self-defense classes here in the gym and you'll soon be seeing some Women's Only classes! Always a lot going on here in Kentucky, come out and see us! Used the code Take10 to save 10% on any course registration as well!

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