MODERN SURVIVAL: Wilderness Skills

Basic Survival Course

Thank you to Pioneer Survival Co. for making this video for us.

While other schools specialize in skills from the era of the 17th Century long-hunter or stone-age cave dweller, we specialize in teaching the survival skills of the Holy Bible. While we do not dress up in period clothing during our re-enactments, we instead seek to impart the knowledge of the skills and the spiritual principles that may come with them which will make us better stewards of the environment and overall, a more well rounded, spiritually connected people.


The Modern Survival: Wilderness Skills course is the foundation of all our other training courses here at Campcraft Outdoors Field School and will introduce participants to the survival concepts we teach such as...


  • Foundation of Survival

  • The Hidden Gospel of Preparedness

  • The SPP Survival Triangle 

  • 5 Stones of Survival

  • Survival at Home- Preparedness

  • Wilderness Safety and Travel

  • Survivor's Mindset

  • The Rules of 3's and 5's

  • Kit Development and the Emergent-C's

  • Tool Safety and Maintenance 

  • Navigation

  • Fire Skills

  • Water Purification Skills

  • Shelters and Knots

  • Traps, Triggers, and Animal Sign

  • Rescue Essentials

All of this information is covered in detail in our Field Book Series and Online Course


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