To folks out there thinking about taking a Campcraft class I want to share with you what I experienced under Dr. Jason Hunt’s instruction when he was my instructor for a Basic Survival Class. I must admit that I was apprehensive at first when I signed my daughter (a 13-year old girl) and I up to take the class. I was unsure whether the instructor would be able to offer the patience and dedicated time needed to instruct us well or that maybe the instructor would be too militaristic or mocking when we failed to complete a training task. Instead we experienced one of the most rewarding and memorable times of our life thanks to Jason’s soft spoken and humble demeanor. Even though the class was very challenging, he gently guided us as family unit to successfully accomplish more than we ever thought we could. Thanks to Jason’s encouragement, vast bush craft knowledge, and selfless sharing we successfully completed this challenging course. Jason showed his vast knowledge when he taught the entire class the wilderness search/rescue and first aid phases of the training using a white board and props. He was very thorough and asked questions to make sure we were paying attention. Jason was later assigned as our group instructor when we broke out into small groups to practice and demonstrate what we learned. He tirelessly dedicated time to me, my daughter, as well as the others in our small group throughout the training. He was always courteous, friendly, and extremely approachable for questions, even after training was over for the night and everyone was tired. He constantly showed his vast experience and knowledge when he provided tips beyond the instruction given in the classroom presentations and instructor demonstrations. He was quick to give us a pat on the back for success in performing a task or very pointed feedback on the causes for our failures whenever they occurred. I especially appreciated the way he gently challenged my young daughter to successfully accomplish the tasks at hand, which allowed me to focus on what I needed to learn and do. His gentle pressure, relentlessly applied, instilled a new confidence in her that will last a lifetime. She now believes she can overcome any challenge life has to throw at her whether it be in the wilderness, in school, or life in general. Based on this experience I would strongly recommend a Campcraft class under Dr. Hunt’s instruction to any family unit as way to grow closer and develop confidence in taking on life's challenges together. Dr. Hunt’s humility, demeanor, and dedication to teaching wilderness survival will build everlasting memories for you and yours while most importantly instilling in you the skills, knowledge, and faith to survive.


Chris W.

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Just completed the Basic Survival Course this weekend and my legs and body are still sore. This course for me was a real "gut" check at times. Don't think that because it states that it is a "Basic" Survival Class that it is an easy course. That being said, Jason Hunt the instructor was awesome in his skill and his patience with the group. He seemed to know just how hard to push us and at times when we got frustrated with our failures stepped in to point out the areas we needed to work on. Being in a smaller group allowed us to cover a bunch of skills in a very, very long day. I have taken similar classes and at times you can get lost in the pack. I appreciate the fact that although Jason was there to help in any way and was very approachable he did not hold our hands or coddle us in any way. He made us earn it. It made completing the course worth more. Finally, thanks to Alex and Katy for helping me out a few times when I needed it. It is nice to meet good people like you and I felt like we built some comradary especially after the night land navigation course. I look forward to seeing you at future campcraft classes. 


Devlin B.

I have completed Basic Survival, Winter Survival, Wilderness First Aid, Bug Out Survival, and several Hunting Camp classes at Campcraft Outdoors. I have found Jason Hunt to be a knowledgeable instructor, tough but fair in encouraging you to work hard to learn the skills taught in the classes. I recommend anyone taking the class to start with the basics and pay close attention to Jason's course requirements and gear lists. Prior research with Jason's numerous videos on YouTube is recommended. You will have a much easier time in Jason's classes if you are physically fit (hint hint!), but I have noticed Jason will go out of his way to accommodate you as long as it does not compromise the course learning objectives. Finally, Jason is a good Christian man and I have found him to be fair and honest in dealing with course costs, payments, refunds, etc. Bottom line: Campcraft Outdoors is an excellent source of outdoors skills training for the eastern woodlands setting.


Michael C.

My husband and I just got back from the Basic Survival class. We had an awesome time, except for the cold, and we learned so much! We had never done anything like this, but now we can pretty much make a fire in our sleep (and I may have done that at 2:00 this morning after our Night Navigation course). Our instructor, Jason, was great! He has so much knowledge of survival and training and outdoor stuff, but the fact that he chose to use it to further the Kingdom of God is what makes me respect and appreciate him so much. He was very patient and explained how and sometimes more importantly, why, we were doing things. We learned how to build a fire in five minutes, boil water in 15 with that same fire, navigate using a compass, what types of trees can be used for what, and so much more information on surviving using the resources around you. It was a learning experience, but it was fun (except for the cold . . . and the aforementioned Night Nav course ;-)! If you have ever wanted to learn basic survival skills, you should definitely consider choosing this course.


Katy B.

Just finished the winter survival course with Jason Hunt and I would strongly recommend his classes.This is the third class I have taken from Jason and I have spent a lot of time observing him; he is the real deal, no fake impostor here. Only my family and closest friends would know I have spent 35 yrs in the woods, jungles and bush in general. I have nothing to gain from this, only good times and great food with like minded people and a few new friends. Jason is a great instructor and is becoming a great friend. Check out his classes.



Urban survival class was a physically and mentally challenging class, but very rewarding. The skills you learn in this class could save your life, whether a vehicle breakdown, natural disasters, or civil unrest.



Just got home from Urban Survival and I gotta say it was an eye opener. It was challenging, eye opening, and tons of fun! The ruck was a butt kicker, but it feels good to know I can do it. Awesome class, awesome instructors, cant wait to go back to Campcraft.