This is a limited edition run of 6 specialty kits featuring a 16oz heavy waxed canvas in a wide Axe & Saw sling to accommodate our Woodcraft Bucksaw. The canvas has been heavily treated and due to the thicker material, it smells! This will dissipate with time and use- but this will provide extreme longevity for this woodcraft kit that includes the following:


  • 24" Bushcraft Boy's Axe with Leather Mask by Council Tool
  • Woodcraft Takedown Bucksaw Frame
  • 24" Bahco Saw Blade
  • Wide Axe & Saw Sling


This is a super value and as always, it ships FREE! 


*Canvas smell dissipates on average within 2 weeks, faster with dirt-time. Due to the thicker material weight, dye from fabric may transfer temporarily to hands or tools. 

Woodcraft Axe & Saw Kit