Modern Survival: Winter Survival Skills

This is the same course as that which we offer online. Included with this you will receive 3 DVD Discs and 1 Field-book along with everything you need to complete the home-based training course in Modern Survival Winter Skills. 


Disc Contents:


  • Disc 1: Intro, The Essentials, Weather Forecasting, Water Bottle Tips, Food Considerations, Axe: Felling, Limbing and Sawing, Axe: Splitting Rails and Wedges, Swedish Fire Lay
  • Disc 2: Felling a Tree with a Knife, Winter Kits and Water Immersion, 1 Stick Fire, Hand Soak Exercise, Super Shelter
  • Disc 3: DIY Pre-Fab Super Shelter, Winter Debris Shelter, Debris Shelter Camp, Bonus Tip: Grunt Rolls

Winter Skills DVD Set