Modern Survival: Wilderness Survival Skills

This is the same course as that which we offer online. This is simply a DVD version with Printer Booklets. Includes 5 DVD Discs and 7 field-books.


Includes everything you need to complete the home-based training course in Modern Survival Wilderness Skills. 


Disc Contents:

  • Disc 1: Intro, Survival Triangle, 5 Stones of Survival, Survival at Home, Wilderness Safety, The Rules of 3 and 5, Preparedness, The Emergent C's
  • Disc 2: Tool Safety & Use, Basic Navigation, 5 Tinder Sources, 5 Ignition Sources, 5 Fire Lays, Rescue Wet Lighter Skill, Lighter Body Fire Skill
  • Disc 3: Making Charred Cloth & Flint & Steel, Fire-Starting with Fungus, Ways to transport fire, fire-starting with tape, fire-starting with fatwood, 5-minute fire, 3-minute quick-fire, 10-minute water boil, 5 W's of Shelter Construction, 5 Mechanisms of Heat Loss, 5 Shelter Knots, 5 Shelter Configurations
  • Disc 4: 5 Hydration Factors, Factors that affect Hydration, 5 Methods of Water Purification, 5 Lower & Mid Chain Food Resources, Animal Tracking Signs
  • Disc 5: Minnow Trap & Shepherds Sling, Ranger Band Figure 4, Hunting Gig & Throw Stick, Rescue Essentials

Wilderness Skills DVD Set