I always love collecting natural resources while I’m out on the trail. The Campcraft Tinder Bag was the perfect solution to my problem of where I would store these materials.


  • I looked all over the place for a traditional “sami” style bag and this hit the nail on the head for me.
  • It holds up well to pointy/sharp materials without ripping.
  • And it’s small enough to fit anywhere in my various kits, so I always have dry tinder for my fire.

This little bag really does it all, it will hold tinder, medicinals, edibles or gear and keep it nice, dry and secure with it's heavy wax coating.  


  • 9 3/4" Tall
  • 6 1/4" Wide
  • 12 oz Canvas
  • Cotton Web Tie Straps

Tinder Bag - AC