The Raider is an Appalachian Puukko designed for all your general outdoor needs. This 2nd edition run is a heritage edition because all the stabilized oak wood used in the handles comes from the Campcraft Classroom which was harvested off our own land. You will literally be owning a piece of the Campcraft Outdoors heritage in an heirloom-quality tool. 


The wood comes from beam sections taken out when a new stair-well was put into the classroom. You will see the beautiful textures within the woods. The handle swell in the center will lock the knife into your hand for perfect indexing every time. The blade belly will permit smooth carving, skinning with an edge robust enough to maintain itself without chipping, while remaining easy to hone in the field.  


Standard leather sheath included.



The Raider (Heritage)

  • Specs:

    Stabilized 100yr old oak handle

    1/8" thick, 1095 Steel

    90-degree spine

    Scandivex grind

    4 1/4" blade length

    8.5" overall

    Standard Leather Sheath