Growing up in the 80's, the Bowie Knife was one of the quintessential knives of the outdoorsman. I remember grabbing my Dad's old Western Bowie and going into the woods all the time and literally transforming into Rambo in the process. I built structures, fought bad guys, used it as a grappling hook, dug holes, and more. I'd always replace the knife in my dad's cabinet, chipped blade, broken handle, and all.


Well, the General Bowie is inspired by the 1984 Western Bowie I grew up with, but it's been modernized for real-time use as a proper outdoor tool. We got rid of the brass buard and have an integral guard that is not at all obtrusive. We used 1/8" thick 1095 Carbon Steel and forged the edge making it stronger and lighter with a scandivex grind. The blade length is 9" and 14 3/4" overall. It has a 90-degree sharp spine, clip point for fine work, and stabilized oak handles.  


Grab one of these and you'll be taken back in time and understand why this style of knife has been so loved, by so man, for so long. 



  • 1/8" thick 1095
  • Scandivex Grind
  • 9" cutting edge
  • 14 3/4" Overall
  • Stabilized Oak Handle

Leather Sheath

The General: Woods Bowie