One of the most useful tools you can carry! Decades ago, Canadian survival legend Tom Roycraft used to create what he called survival scarves during his classes to be handed out to the best in each group he trained. It was a nice parting gift, made by him whilst sitting around the campfire. It was nothing more than a piece of parachute material, folded over into an arm- length tube, sewn closed on one end. This tube served as a scarf, firewood caddy, improvised tourniquet, and more to those that received them. 


Well, we initially made these back in 2018 in canvas with the name "Wild Rover"- we launched these for a while as a test- we sold out quickly and then were approached by a DHS Agency to make more with some additional features for Urban Recovery in mind- thus we can now share these updated scarves with you!


Our scarves feature a tube-like structure made from premium Mil-Spec Ripstop Nylon with a 40" 550 Paracord and cord-lock on each end to provide a draw-string closure. This enables you to:

  • Wear it like a haversack
  • Twist it to make a bucket-bag
  • Tie it to make pack-straps for a Roycraft frame
  • Carry Firewood
  • Collect Debris/ Tinder
  • Make a Debris Bed
  • Wear as a scarf
  • Wear as a hood
  • Use for First Aid (TQ or Pressure Bandage)
  • Signal for Resue (Blaze Orange inside as an option)
  • Make a windsock
  • Use as Seine Net/ Fish Trap
  • Perform Self-Defense Techniques (yes, really!)
  • Seriously- you can actually fight with this thing!
  • Make a Hammock Chair


Approx size: 17" Wide x 56" Long

Survival Scarf