Over the several months, I have been using the Waxed Canvas Rucksack by Campcraft. The layout and design of this rucksack is very similar to the Woodscraft Haversack, but it has backpack straps and a couple of extra pockets.


  • Similar to the Woodscraft Haversack, this pack organizes very well.
  • Due to its similiarities to the haversack, this rucksack is the perfect bag to switch to when I need to carry more gear.
  • With a 25lb loadout (give or take), it’s very comfortable.
  • It holds everything I need for winter outings.
  • The classic look & feel of the waxed canvas feels perfectly at home in the outdoors.


The Rucksack is 11" wide x 17" tall x 7" deep (1309 ci) and features an interior 6" x 7.5" ditty bag with zipper, front zippered map compartment, a full size pocketed top flap, exterior bottle bag, and a hatchet sleeve. The enclosure is a paracord cinch with cord lock. The straps are 1.5" cotton canvas webbing, fully adjustable and generously cut to fit up to 5XL.


There's no flap retention as the cinch keeps things inside while you can place items inside the flap such as notebooks, fire kits or rain gear which weigh the flap down, keeping it in place.   


1.5" wide bed roll retention at bottom along with 1.5" wide x 30" long bed roll straps included. 



Rucksack- AC