The REEL Striker is a multifunctional fire steel made from High carbon steel.

The striking edge is differentially heat treated to ensure a proper temper for throwing sparks AND maintain its overall strength and durability!

There is a “divot” pre-drilled into the striker to be used as a hand bearing block when making friction fire with bow and drill.

The overall shape can be used to store snare wire, fishing line, or jute cord.

When The REEL Striker is secured to a stick or pole, it makes a great makeshift fishing system!

Secure to a short pole for ice fishing/jigging or fishing in small creeks.

Secure it to a longer pole with eyelets to cast and retrieve lures!

The REEL Striker is small enough to fit into most “tins”.

The REEL Striker is a very versatile striker/tool great for any survival kit!

The REEL Striker was designed by Jamie L. Burleigh and made by Dan Ferguson at Jeff White Bladesmiths.

REEL Striker

  • Weight: 2.1oz.
    Length: 3.25"
    Width: 1.5"