*This is a used knife in excellent condition. Hair popping sharp, ready for use. This is one of the coveted Self Reliance Illustrated (SRI) edition GNS models with the magazine logo on the presentation side and the LTWK Pout House logo on the other side. Sheath is a dangler model that accepts a 1/2" ferro rod. 


GNS: Go No Show

The blade is a saber ground edge with a secondary convex edge. This makes for a superior edge in both retention and cutting ability. Scale material is mechanically and chemically attached to the full tang handle. Large fish eye bolts and a large lanyard hole complement the tapered and contoured hand grip.


Overall Length: 9.5"
Sharpened Edge: 4.25"
Steel: 1/8" (+/-) O1
Grind: Saber
Handle: Micarta
Other Features: Sharpened spine