This is my go-to recommendation if you’re looking for a solid bushcraft and survival knife under $100. But, I want to elaborate on it a bit more ~ Anthony


The Campcraft Lt. Colonel Knife features Stabilized Oak Handles and has a very neutral shape/design that works well for small and large hands. I’ve personally used this knife for hours on end doing various camp & bushcraft tasks without any fatigue or discomfort. I’ve also found that this knife works well with bare hands and doesn’t get lost in thick winter gloves.


The Lt. Colonel Knife is incredibly tough. It features a 1/8″ thick, 5″ long, full-tang 1095 Carbon Steel blade. As a testament to this knifes toughness and durability, I’ll recap an exercise I performed with it during my last Winter Survival Class. During the class, I had to do a “1 stick fire” with this knife as my only tool. This exercise required me to baton a 4″ x 12″ piece of Eastern Red Cedar into all 3 types of firewood I would need for my fire (fuel, then kindling, and finally, tinder). After I had my firewood secured & prepared, I used the 90º spine to strike my ferro rod to create fire.


There are a lot of fantastic bushcraft knives between the $75-$100 price point, but the Campcraft Lt. Colonel Knife takes the cake for me. This is my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a solid bushcraft knife that will last them a lifetime.Along with the knife, you get a quality leather sheath (not pictured here in my post, sorry). And the family-owned company who stands behind this knife eats, sleeps, and breathes the outdoors…That to me adds a lot of additional value.


    Lt. Colonel - AC

    • Specs:

      • 1095 Steel
      • 1/8" Thick
      • Grind: Convex
      • 5" Blade
      • 4.5" Handle
      • Stablilized Oak Handle (as tough as micarta)
      • Leather Sheath