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Background of the Program:

The Campcraft Outdoors Instructor Certification Program, with a proven ten-year track record, has consistently produced some of the top wilderness survival and bushcraft instructors in the outdoor industry today. Other schools and organizations have adopted this program in the “survival space” of the outdoor industry, and the program has received endorsements from the National Home School Association, Men’s Journal, and National Bible College Association. As a faith-based educational program, we specialize in teaching the Biblical why and how of the outdoor skills we share.


Program Purpose:

The initial Certification Program covers the five primary areas of wilderness skills and leadership: Wilderness Survival, Bushcraft and Wilderness First Aid, Urban Survival and Preparedness, Winter Survival Skills, and Teaching and Business Management. Upon leaving this program, graduates will be well-equipped to offer Basic Modern Survival skills and Basic Wilderness First Aid classes to churches, groups, corporations, and individuals. The qualifications included in this program include: 

  • Wilderness First Aid (16hr)
  • Stop the Bleed
  • Basic Modern Survival Skills Instructor Certification with Blue Patch
  • Diploma in Wilderness Skills & Leadership from Bethlehem Bible Institute*

*The training credits issued within this program are accredited for bible college credit to schools within the National Bible College Association and National Association of Private Theological Institutions respective networks. These credits may be applied toward completing an Associate's degree in Practical Outdoor Ministry.


Program Schedule:

There are four required onsite courses. There are no make-up options for the scheduled courses; attendance is mandatory for each course within this program. There are no rain checks, refunds, or makeovers possible.


September 20-22, 2024 (Gospel of Survival, Fire & Water)

October 18-20, 2024 (Shelters, Camp Life, & Hygiene)

November 15-17, 2024 (WFA and Urban Survival)

December 20-22, 2024 (Winter Skills, Navigation, & Business)


Tuition Options:

Tuition covers online classes, books, camping, food, and training. All you need to bring is your survival kit/gear, shower kit, towel, change of clothes, and camp chair.


$1500 Limited to 6: Secures a bed with fresh linens and a stocked cooler in a shared glamping wall tent with a fan in Summer and a Stove in Winter. It also includes access to online classes, a hard copy book mailed to you, meals for on-site classes, and all four on-site training classes.


$1350: Bring your own Tent & Camping gear. This includes access to online classes, a hard copy book mailed to you, meals for on-site classes, and all four on-site training classes.


$1250: You already have the online classes and book! So, bring your own tent and camping gear; this level will cover meals and training.

Instructor Certification Course

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