We realize we have thousands of friends and supporters out there that already have a wide variety of our products and these people have already been actively promoting us for years on their own. We appreciate you all!


So, here's a way to receive your own personal discount code along with the Ambassador SWAG. BUT, to get it you MUST FOLLOW THESE RULES


1) Order this packet: Includes Ambassador Decal, Personal Discount Code, FB Ambassador Group Access, Ambassador Patch


2) Collect your gear to match the kit level you desire to be at (Enthusiast, Influencer, Envoy, Ambassador)


3) Within 72hr, Take a photo or video and post to social media (Kits must match EXACTLY) and we must be tagged!


4) We will verify your post and send your Grandfathered-In Kit ASAP!

Get Grandfathered- In