Six 16oz tins that nest within a waxed canvas bag.


Designed to carry foodstuffs for weekend camping. When planning for cold weather activities, Jason recommends the following to be carried in the tins which will provide up to 10,500 calories, plenty for winter camping over 3 days!


    • Tin 1: Steel Cut Oats 

    • Tin 2: Pancake Mix

    • Tin 3: GORP/ Trail Mix

    • Tin 4: Rice or Instant Potatoes

    • Tin 5: Meats: Spam, Bacon (with lard packed in to fill gaps), or Jerky

    • Tin 6: Cheese, spices, and flavorings

      • 10,500 calories (if you packed in Lard you're closer to 12,000)


This food tin kit also fits into the side pocket of our Campcraft Rucksack!



15" Tall x 5" across the bottom


Canvas colors may vary due to dye lots, khaki is standard color

Food Tin Bag