The Florida Coastal Survival course will teach students the basics of surviving along the Florida Coastline and off the many Keys. We'll discuss plant, animal and marine life available; First Aid and Rescue; How to desalinate water, how to set up water catchments, hunting, fishing and trapping strategies and the basics of snorkeling and spear-fishing. We'll spend a lot of time fishing and enjoying Island life, this is an active but stress-free class. Expect an afternoon rain shower daily and cool night-time temperatures. As a group, we'll all share our resources to make it the best trip possible.      

This class will take place in the Florida Keys. We'll meet at a designated area and travel to an uninhabited key approximately 2 miles off the main shore. 



To get the most from this class, we recommend having every item on this list for each individual person. 

  • Stainless Steel Knife (General chores, cleaning fish)

  • Fire Kit (Lighters, Ferro Rod, Fire Starters)

  • Small First Aid Kit

  • Hand Fishing Kit (Cuban Yo-Yo)

  • Swim Fins & Snorkel mask (Amazon Link)

  • Fishing Spear (Amazon Link)

  • Swim Shirt/ Rash Guard

  • Neoprene Gloves

  • Camp Chair

  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray (No-see-ums are terrible!)

  • Backpackers Stove with Fuel (Minimal wood on Island)

  • Tent or Hammock with Sleeping Gear

  • Bug Net!

  • Water- 1 gallon per day minimum

  • Personal Medications

  • Flip Flops & Water Shoes

  • Backpacker or MRE Meals & Snacks

  • Change of Clothing with a Sweatshirt/ jacket

  • Water Proof Dry Bag- to Store all your gear

  • FL Saltwater Fishing Permit

*All equipment should be as light and as minimal as possible. 

FL Keys Coastal Survival



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