Handcrafted by Burning River Bushcraft as a class knife for Campcraft Outdoors, we present the Cuyahoga Knife, a boat-tail scandi blade that is an excellent general purpose knife. The full length, slim handle provides for a variety of holding choices making the knife quite versatile. The edge grind goes close to the handle making it especially helpful for close push cuts and shaving cuts. The spine edges are quite crisp allowing efficient use of a fire steel. The belly provides enough curve to handle game preparation from medium to large-sized animals.



Steel: 1095

Scales: Red Micarta (Only available here)

Blade: 4.5"

Handle: 4.5"

Thickness: 1/8"

Sheath: Brown Leather


This knife was named for the Cuyahoga River in Northeast Ohio, also known as "the Burning River" as it's caught fire at least 13 times the last of which was in 1969.  

Cuyahoga Knife