Your $1 registration secures your parties spot for this class.


This is a 1-day class covering Bushcraft Basics. We will create a team bushcraft shelter, make natural cordage, water filters, and create fires with flint and steel and/or solar ignition and more time permitting. 


You will need:

  • Knife and Saw
  • Water Bottle and Lunch/Snacks for the day
  • Flint and Steel Fire Kit
  • Magnifying or Fresenel Lens 
  • 100ft or 550 Paracord or #36 Bankline


Class Begins at 9AM and ends at 5-6PM

Location: 10931 Bethlehem Rd, Bethlehem, KY


Upon registration, please download the waiver and bring with you for each member of your group. 


Bushcraft Basics