In this cold weather wilderness survival course, Jason and Jamie will teach you 20% of cold-weather survival knowledge and skills that will help you in 80% of cold weather scenarios. Based on our Modern Survival Winter Skills course, this class includes a lot of axe work, some team-based builds, and some cold weather recovery skills-  better bring a change of dry clothes!


All food provided- bring your own gear. 

  • Knife
  • Axe
  • Folding Saw & Bucksaw
  • 100ft cordage
  • Heavy Tarp (Canvas or Oilskin)- Buy cheap at Menards or Tractor Supply 
  • Emergency Tarp (5 x 7 space blanket)
  • Tent Stakes
  • Roll of Plastic (9x12 minimum 2-4mil thickness is fine)
  • Compass with Notebook and Pencil
  • Small First Aid Kit (just in case)
  • Some Gorilla Tape (for tarp/plastic repairs, etc)
  • Fire Kit (Ferro rod, lighter, fire starter)
  • Headlamp
  • Steel Bottle and Cup
  • Cook Pot (Bushpot)
  • Change of clothing, extra socks (extra shoes to be kept in car)
  • Sleeping Bag and a Wool Blanket

Winter Survival