The Campcraft Axe and Saw Sling/Carrier has solved a huge delima for me in the field. It helps me safely and comfortably carry a large axe and folding saw, all in one convenient sling carrier.This sling is perfect for those times when I need to walk away from camp to harvest wood for the campfire.


It holds my 24″ Council Tool Boys Axe perfectly…As well as my Agawa Canyon Boreal21 Folding Buck Saw.


This has proven to be the most efficient means to carry your ax and 24" take-down buck saw when your in the field. The bag will fit a 24" buck saw such as the Boreal 21, Sven Saw or Bob Dustrude models. Outside the bag is a sleeve that holds the handle of an ax up to 36" long- so from tomahawks to felling axes! The flap wraps the ax head and the strap is then tied around the ax and slipped through the double D rings to provide a secure cradle that will not slip. D rings and heavy web strap permits a shoulder strap to be attached for easy carry. 1.5" Cotton-Canvas Web strap for shoulder carry is included!


Axe & Saw Sling- AC