The Boy's axe is made with a Dayton style head, which is perfect for small scale chopping and felling duties. The design originates from the Dayton, Ohio area. As the name implies, the Boy's axe is the perfect fit for bushcrafters, boy-scouts, and boy's and girl's who want to help with the family firewood chores. This axe comes with a curved American Hickory handle, which is short enough to carry easily in the woods, but long enough to give you decent swinging power. The axe head is drop forged and tempered to Rc 48-55 which exceeds ANSI standards, and painted with red enamel and clear lacquer to deter rust. Hickory handle is dried below 10% moisture content during installation to minimize shrinkage and loosening.


Axe Mask Included!

24" Bushcraft Boy's Axe