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Urban Escape Tool [Free Download]

With the increasingly violent world, we find ourselves in today, the likelihood of being illegally restrained is a real threat. Our women and children are at the highest risk of abduction for human trafficking but don't think men are not abducted, because it happens daily. If your abductor has restraints of any type- duct tape, zip ties, rope - it’s time to fight, even if it means getting shot, as your life may very well depend upon it. The savagery being demonstrated by your abductors requires an equally savage response.

The United States is the worst offender with Mexico and the Philippines rounding out the top three worst places for human trafficking. The need for all of us to be more aware of our surroundings and maintain a heightened state of readiness whenever we leave our homes has never been more real than at this point in our nation's history. We need to be able to identify common risk factors and warning signs of trafficking and understand some basic techniques to escape illegal custody.

I want to offer you a free download on how to build your own Personal Escape Kit. This kit can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet and permits the user several options for escape. It's easily concealed and inexpensive to build. Hop over to this link to download the pdf and learn more about our soon releasing Urban Survival Online course.

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