Welcome to our online training center. This space shall serve as a learning hub for the Campcraft Outdoors Field School curriculum. We now offer a pathway for anyone to learn our curriculum at home and practice in their own backyard while earning credit toward Instructor Qualification should it be desired. 


Each channel below houses a module that follows our standard program content so you will learn the same skills the same way as a live class. But, you will have written field-books to fill in knowledge gaps not covered within live classes due to time limitations. You will also have a definitive training guide a click away to serve as a memory refresher or to fine-tune your skills while you're training. 

Modern Survival: Wilderness Skills is the foundation from which our other courses are based. It covers the fundamentals of wilderness survival, wilderness safety, and rescue. We highly recommend obtaining the Modern Survival Field Book Series which is available in digital download or print edition to accompany the online course, you will not be able to test without them. 

There are 36 total video skill segments, 34 of which are paid ($1.49 per segment). You will need a site membership to access videos that will be provided upon your initial purchase.

The Modern Survival: Basic Winter Survival course picks up where the Wilderness Skills course leaves off. This module of the course is designed to equip you with additional skills to not only identify the onset of hypothermia but prevention and treatment with core survival techniques which will extend your wilderness adventures into year-round endeavors. We will learn to use the axe and rely upon it more so than the knife throughout the course and use it to fell a tree to create tinder, kindling, fuel and shelter components. Fire skills are also based around wet and/or cold weather-related issues.

While other schools specialize in skills from the era of the 17th Century long-hunter or stone-age cave dweller, we specialize in teaching the survival skills of the Holy Bible. While we do not dress up in period clothing during our re-enactments, we instead seek to impart the knowledge of the skills and the spiritual principles that may come with them which will make us better stewards of the environment and overall, a more well rounded, spiritually connected people. These supplementary Outdoor Ministry videos revolve around this mentality. 


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