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At Campcraft Outdoors, Instructors become extensions of our family. The Instructor Training process is not a fast-track qualification, we do not care how much experience you may have or where you have previously trained. We have a specific process and curriculum we walk each candidate through and it's only those that share our vision and values that we'll ultimately certify as an Instructor. 

Our basic level instructor program is now available completely online. We will teach you the required technical skills needed to teach a variety of outdoor courses, train you in servant leadership and discipleship along with building your own outdoor business from the ground up. The entire training program must be completed within 18 months, testing for core classes is completed through Remote Skills Verification (RSV). Your instructors are Dr. Jason Hunt, Jamie Burleigh, Jamie Boggs. 

This training program is solely designed to equip you with the skills to competently train others in Basic Survival & Outdoor Skills. We do not offer you a job or any other position, nor do we guarantee you will find one. 

  • Apprentice Instructor Candidate Program (Blue Patch)

    • Modern Survival Wilderness Skills

    • Wilderness Survival RSV

    • Bushcraft Hygiene & First Aid

    • Bushcraft First Aid RSV

    • Basic Winter Survival

    • Winter Survival RSV

    • Fundamentals of Urban Survival

    • Urban Survival RSV

    • Pathfinder Ruck Training

    • The Survival CEO Blueprint

    • 50 Logged Teaching Hours

All training is online-based with digital book downloads and lifetime video access. Courses may be purchased individually to fit your budget. RSV times are scheduled between you and Dr. Hunt and are paid for as needed. A 95% grading average must be maintained to receive instructor credentials. RSV's will take place via Zoom or Skype. 


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