The Florida Coastal Survival course will teach students the basics of surviving along the Florida Coastline and off the many Keys. We'll discuss plant, animal and marine life available; First Aid and Rescue; How to desalinate water, how to set up water catchments, hunting, fishing and trapping strategies and the basics of snorkeling and spear-fishing. We'll spend a lot of time fishing and enjoying Island life, this is an active but stress-free class. Expect an afternoon rain shower daily and cool night-time temperatures. As a group, we'll all share our resources to make it the best trip possible.      

This class will take place in the Florida Keys. We'll meet at a designated area and travel to an uninhabited key approximately 2 miles off the main shore. 

You may also ride with the crew in a Passenger Van leaving from Louisville, KY- info upon request!


To get the most from this class, we recommend having every item on this list for each individual person

  1. Stainless Steel Knife (General chores, cleaning fish)

  2. Fire Kit (Lighters, Ferro Rod, Fire Starters)

  3. Small First Aid Kit

  4. Hand Fishing Kit (Cuban Yo-Yo)

  5. Swim Fins & Snorkel mask (Amazon Link)

  6. Fishing Spear (Amazon Link)

  7. Swim Shirt/ Rash Guard

  8. Neoprene Gloves

  9. Camp Chair

  10. Sunscreen & Bug Spray (No-see-ums are terrible!)

  11. Backpackers Stove with Fuel (Minimal wood on Island)

  12. Tent or Hammock with Sleeping Gear

  13. Bug Net!

  14. Water- 1 gallon per day minimum

  15. Personal Medications

  16. Flip Flops & Water Shoes

  17. Backpacker or MRE Meals & Snacks

  18. Change of Clothing with a Sweatshirt/ jacket

  19. Water Proof Dry Bag- to Store all your gear

  20. FL Saltwater Fishing Permit

*All equipment should be as light and as minimal as possible. 


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12 spots available per class.

CLASS DATES: Feb 12-16, 2020



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