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Fitness, or the lack thereof, is one of the leading contributors to poor outdoor performance. The inability to drag a deer from the field, hike mile after mile with whatever you need on your back, or walk with your family around the local trail, no more should we allow these things to prevent us from operating at our best; it's time we take back our fitness. No more fad diets, expensive equipment, or magic pill gimmicks. Let's get back to what works- what has worked for thousands of years- for those that lived outdoors, worked outdoors, and survived off the land. We will give you ALL THE TOOLS and eliminate the confusion- just do and see results!

Jason & Ethan Hunt, the father-son duo, are not only highly skilled Survival Instructors, but nationally Certified Fitness Trainers with specializations in Sports Injury Management, Strength, Martial Arts, and Wilderness Medicine.  We help individuals transform their lives through our Campcraft Fitness Program which is a 9-Week Fitness Transformation Program that teaches people how to work-out in the outdoors using bushcraft, rescue, and tactical skills so they may increase their level of personal fitness and live a healthier lifestyle. We accomplish this through online group coaching, ruck training, and field workouts, meal plans, supplement plans, video demonstrations, and a recipe book.  We believe that this training will enable people to live as they were meant to live- To Conquer All! 

In 9-Weeks, you'll get a better body

than you've ever had!

That's the honest truth. This is a no fluff, no excuses program. I've been in the fitness and outdoor industries for over 20 years, so I've seen exactly what works and what doesn't — and I've distilled all my research into a proven transformation program. And I don't deal well with excuse-makers. So if you're someone who doesn't want to work hard, or if you make excuses for why you missed a workout, then this just isn't for you. And if you don't want to transform your body and your life, then this isn't for you either. If you are ready to work hard to make a life-changing transformation, read on!

Ethan- During Transformation Workout

9-Week Program Includes

WELCOME KIT.  All the information you need to pre-plan

                                your 9-week program.

WORKOUTS. 9 Weeks of Daily Workouts all designed to

                          make you a complete Bushcraft Athlete.  

MEAL PLAN. A complete meal planning program to

                          remove all the guesswork of what to eat.  

RECIPE BOOK. 50 Recipes all designed to help you 

                               reach your fitness goals.

SUPPLEMENT GUIDE.  A complete guide to the only

                                             supplements you will ever need.


October 1 - December 2


COACHING. Private access to group coaching on social 


FOOD JOURNAL.  An online app to track food, workouts,

                                    calories burned or needed, and more. 

BONUS.  A guide to gaining strength using stone


9-Week Transformation Program:

A $497.00 Value

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The 5-Week Bushcraft Athlete


Exclusively Available at

WORKOUTS. 5 Weeks of Daily Workouts.

MEAL PLAN. A complete meal planning program to

                          remove all the guesswork of what to eat.  

SUPPLEMENT GUIDE.  A complete guide to the only

                                             supplements you will ever need.

EXERCISE VIDEOS.  50+ Exercise Video Demonstrations

FIELD EQUIPMENT. How to make equipment from Logs,

                                        rocks, and even bags of flour.


5-Week Bushcraft Athlete Program:

A $249.00 Value

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