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Campcraft Outdoors is a family-owned and operated softgoods brand that hand-crafts products that are traditional to the golden age of camping and woodcraft. Our products are proudly made in Bethlehem, Kentucky USA by our very own family. Our customer values the unique identity, tradition, and appearance of our work. From the wilderness trail to the urban sidewalk, Campcraft Outdoors creates items that will become an everyday companion to whatever their journey entails. Our customers are both men and women that see the value in investing in hand-crafted and classic items rather than following the latest trend.

Our Ambassadors are dedicated users of our products whose input is invaluable when it comes to refining and developing our line of hand-crafted products. We would like to partner with people that use our gear in the workplace and in the field, from across the globe that will actively work to spread the word of Campcraft Outdoors and our unique hand-crafted products.


Campers, Hikers, Hunters, Instructors, Bushcrafters, Fishermen, Athletes, Influencers, and More

Whether you’re a professional outdoorsman, social media influencer, a school owner, or just someone that consistently goes the extra mile to help others, this is your chance to further build your brand with us! Our Ambassadors are a group of hand-selected individuals that work directly with Campcraft Outdoors to help people get the best hand-crafted outdoor gear possible. By partnering with us you will get full support from our team for you and your clients while also helping grow your personal brand and business.

  • Be a part of a fast-growing, family-owned and operated business

  • First Access to new products, Discounts for Personal Use, Products for Giveaways, and more

  • ​Earn a Sponsored Ambassador Position or Ambassador Product Collection

  • Earn perks, free classes, free products, event discounts, and more

  • Make an impact in your audience and grow your following 

Duties of a Campcraft Outdoors Brand Ambassador

Ambassadors provide support on a monthly basis with:

  • Photos and digital images for our social media outlets and website

    • We often repost these images to promote your pages as well​

  • Videos that include our products in use and in gear recommendations

    • We share these videos in product descriptions and on our own social media outlets, which also boosts your brand​

  • Articles and blog posts about their travels and gear specifics

    • We feature these in our groups and at times on our website blog which again, helps build your brand in the outdoor space​


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Blackie Thomas

Master Woodsman

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Anthony Roe

Photographer & Adventurer

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Jamie L. Burleigh

Earth Skills Instructor & Craftsman