Campcraft Outdoors is a family-owned and operated softgoods brand that hand-crafts products that are traditional to the golden age of camping and woodcraft. Our products are proudly made in Bethlehem, Kentucky USA by our very own family. Our customer values the unique identity, tradition, and appearance of our work. From the wilderness trail to the urban sidewalk, Campcraft Outdoors creates items that will become an everyday companion to whatever their journey entails. Our customers are both men and women that see the value in investing in hand-crafted and classic items rather than following the latest trend.

Our Ambassadors are dedicated users of our products whose input is invaluable when it comes to refining and developing our line of hand-crafted products. We would like to partner with people that use our gear in the workplace and in the field, from across the globe that will actively work to spread the word of Campcraft Outdoors and our unique hand-crafted products.

Duties of a Brand Ambassador

Ambassadors provide support on a monthly basis with:

  • Photos and digital images for our social media outlets and website

  • Videos that include our products in use and in gear recommendations

  • Articles and blog posts about their travels and gear specifics

  • Ambassador Weekend Training Events in Kentucky (Train with our Ambassadors)

Photo by Ambassador Anthony Roe

There is no financial compensation for being a Brand Ambassador, however, we do provide ambassadors with a product package, early product releases, a unique Pro-Deal Discount to share with their followers and a location to host classes in Kentucky and sharing their adventures through our social media.


  • You must have over 5000 unique followers/subscribers on social media to qualify

  • You must submit at least 2 monthly engagements (photo, video, blog, etc)

  • Performance goals are tracked, failure to meet a monthly goal for 2+ months will result in being dropped from the ambassador program

If you feel you meet and can agree to the above stipulations, please email Jason at with your social media links.


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Blackie Thomas


Blackie Thomas is a woodsman of the deep south. For the past 50yrs. he has studied the skills of the woodsmen of the eastern forests. He has a youtube channel based on woodscraft / bushcraft and teaches classes for a variety of groups. He also works with WC knives as a field tester and new design developer.

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Larry Roberts

Wilderness Skills Instructor

Larry Roberts is a professional wilderness skills instructor and has appeared on two seasons of the History Channel series Alone. He makes his home in Minnesota where he operates his school, Back to Basics. He has a passion for training people that have an interest in wilderness self-reliance. Larry's signature edition knives are available from L.T. Wright Knives where he also serves as an ambassador.

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Anthony Roe

Photographer & Adventurer

Based in the beautiful state of Kentucky and surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains, Anthony is a full-time photographer within the outdoor industry. While in the field, Anthony focuses on photographing gear & outdoor skills in the most beautiful way possible. Alongside his commercial work, Anthony also maintains an active social media presence and personal website geared towards the adventure lifestyle.

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Matt Drake

Outdoor Adventurer

Matt Drake is a Maintenance Technician by day in the heart of Kentucky. He has had an interest in learning about nature his entire life. An avid reader and aspiring writer, he is currently working on his first book about plants. He operates Drake's Landing on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram teaching plant identification, bushcraft, and camping techniques. He has completed courses at various outdoor schools. While not working, or testing Campcraft Outdoors gear he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

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Jamie L. Burleigh

Earth Skills Instructor & Craftsman

Jamie Burleigh is an outdoor guide, wilderness skills instructor, Licensed Nuisance trapper, and designer of outdoor knife/tool products. He's the Owner/Administrator of the Old World Alliance. His outdoor career spans over 35 years and his goal is to operate in the wildest of places and share it with the world.

"Hopefully you will see how Campcraft Gear is my constant companion and how it may also accompany you on your next adventure." ~ JLB

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Mark Vorderbruggen

Foraging Expert

Mark "Merriwether" Vorderbruggen, Ph.D. has been a forager all his life. Both his parents were children of the Great Depression and their families foraged to get through those terrible times. Thankfully, this knowledge passed on to Merriwether. Knowing how to harvest nature's free food fed him through the poverty years of childhood and on through getting a master's degree in medicinal chemistry and a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry. For eighteen years he worked as a research chemist in the oil industry using his knowledge of natural products to develop environmentally-friendly replacements for traditional oil field chemicals. More recently he left the petroleum industry to apply his herbalist skills creating ancient herbal supplements for modern issues. However, his evenings and weekends are spent guiding people back to nature's bounty, not only teaching them which plants are edible and/or medicinal but also proselytizing how foraging heals the body, mind, and soul...and prepares them for the zombie apocalypse! His book Idiot's Guide Foraging is one of the most acclaimed wild edibles guides for new and experienced foragers. Since 2008 his website has been one of the top wild edible plant sites on the internet.